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High Ratio Mortgages

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What are high ratio mortgages?

The high ratio mortgages are available for various issues. One can have them for traditional residential homes, for investment in properties and for big residential complexes. As compared to the conventional mortgages, the high ratio mortgages are considered to be riskier as in case of the borrower default on the mortgage payments, the amount of equity available is much reduced.

The high ratio mortgages are now very common in the mortgage industry. Those borrowers who have steady cash flow but cannot save for a large down payment opt for the high ratio mortgages. The other section which opt for the high ratio mortgages are the new job seekers.


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With our experienced professionals and financial and banking experts, you will be able to get the best advices on your high ratio mortgages. As these insured mortgages or the high ration mortgages are available for the first and second mortgages and also for the secured credit lines, the demands for these mortgages are high. Get your case discussed with our professionals online or by visiting our office. If you are a loan borrower who has a low or broken credit or is facing some unusual situations of income, our professionals with their vast experience are there to help you to make qualified for the high ratio mortgage loans fast.


Current Rates

Subject to change. Conditions may apply.

Variable Mortgage 2.2%
Prime Rate 2.85%
Open Mortgage 3.35%
1 year fixed 2.79%
2 year fixed 1.1%
3 year fixed 2.39%
4 year fixed 2.59%
5 year fixed 2.5%